Strata Finance

Strata Finance

StrataCash has developed a financing option for owners corporations and bodies corporate for renovations or rectifications, emergency repairs, green initiatives, insurance premiums or even litigation costs.

The StrataLoans product is a full funding solution that provides unsecured funding to the owners corporation and allows it to use the funds as and when it needs them and only pay interest on that portion that is drawndown. StrataLoans is an attractive option as there is no need for financial information from individual owners and the loan requires no personal guarantees or mortgages.


Experts in financials services in Strata

StrataLoans is the result of over thirty years of experience in the Strata Industry and managed by a specialist strata finance team.

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About StrataLoans

StrataLoans is a product of StrataCash Management Pty Ltd, ABN 44 124 400 924, AFSL Licence number 323823. Full details and links to this and other documents can be found on the StrataLoans website.


Why Use StrataLoans

The benefits of StrataLoans include:

Peace of mind

  • The loans are unsecured and offered directly to owners corporations and bodies corporate
  • By taking out a loan your community is reducing the immediate cost burden for works
  • Funds can be accessed quickly once approved and projects can be carried out with minimal delay
  • Cash flow is freed up, taking the burden off inadequate sinking funds and preventing the need for undesirable special levies
  • Loans can be used in a myriad of ways, including renovation and rectification works, paying insurance premiums, litigation costs and other capital requirements.

Improved lifestyle

  • StrataLoans save time, expense and provide complete certainty of funding
  • StrataLoans allows repairs and maintenance to be completed now, bringing strata owners the benefits of a better lifestyle sooner
  • StrataLoans is a simple funding solution for strata owners, offering greater flexibility and peace of mind that capital values and building standards are being improved
  • Instead of doing small jobs as money becomes available, by taking out a StrataLoan multiple repairs, maintenance or refurbishments can be bundled into one project, saving time and money whilst minimising disruption to owners.

No large financial burdens

  • Loan repayments are incorporated into quarterly levies/fees.
  • There is no mortgage or personal guarantee required to secure the loan
  • There are no early repayment fees so the loan can be paid out at any time

Increase the value of your asset

  • You are maintaining and improving the value of your asset
  • As an investor, rental and tenancy stability are enhanced
  • The building is improved, increasing its resale and rental values

Read more on specific benefits to Owners and Strata Managers on the StrataLoans website.